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Full and Small Orchestra, Orchestra with Flute Soloist, Orchestra with Saxophone Soloist, String Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra, Full and Small Orchestra with Electric Keyboards and Fender Bass.



Lucky Charms


Very melodic crowd pleaser in the musical vernacular. Highly colorful woodwind writing (fl., ob., bcl., bsn., vibes, electric piano, strings). Small orchestra. 5 minutes.


OR 107


Zone Blue


Mysterious tone poem, a disguised blues in the musical vernacular. Very colorful crowd pleaser. Small orchestra (fl., ob., bsn., 4 horns, 3 tpts., trb., tuba, strings). 7 minutes.


OR 108


Bobbing And Weaving


An athletic, imitative, haunting, melodic crowd pleasing work in the vernacular for small orchestra. (fl., ob., bcl., bsn., 4 horns, 3 tpts., 3 trb., tuba, strings). 6 minutes


OR 109


Cell Fone Blues


A lyrical, melodic blues. Colorful and dramatic in the musical vernacular. A crown pleaser. For small orchestra (fl., ob., cl., bsn., 4 horns, 3 tpts., 3 trb., tuba, timp., strings). 5 minutes.


OR 110


Playground Dreams


Highly rhythmic work that will have your audiences dancing in the aisles due to the vernacular driven percussion passages. (fl., ob., cl., bcl., bongos, timp., vibes., strings). 6 minutes




Chaconne #2 In Blue For String Orchestra


An extremely melodic, lyrical, crowd pleasing work in the musical vernacular. Will send the audience home singing the melodic line. 7 minutes


OR 112


A Higher Level


Unusual timbral combinations in a musically vernacular, antiphonal setting. Very lyrical, colorful and rhythmic. For small orchestra (fl., ob., cl., bcl., timp. vibes, strings). 6 minutes


OR 113


Secret Society


A Latin tinged mysterious blues. Somber, imitative and a very melodic crowd pleaser in the vernacular. For small orchestra (fl., ob., cl., bcl., 4 horns, tuba, vibes, electric pno., strings). 7 minutes


OR 114


Piece For Chamber Orchestra


15 minute one movement work (ob., cl., tpt., trb., timp., 1st vln., 2nd vln., vla., vcl., db.). A virtuosic essay in the handling of musical tension and form. Structural use of silences. Very challenging. Recorded by members of Speculum Musicae and The Group for Contemporary Music conducted by Alvin Brehm on the CD Urban Classical-The Music Of Ed Bland on Cambria Records CD #1026.


C101 - $44.50 (score) Parts available on rental basis


Atlanta's Challenge


Soprano Sax soloist with medium sized orchestra. Highly melodious with colorful timbres (fl., ob., cl., 2 perc., el. kybds., strings). Very accessible. 3 mvts. 12 minutes


OR 106 - $38.25 (score) Parts available on rental basis


Romantic Synergy


flute Soloist with small orchestra (2 perc., el. kybds., string section) Lyrical, highly accessible, athletic, colorful romp. Solo flute part challenging. 12 minutes.


OR 101 - $34.95 (score) Orchestral parts available on rental basis


Partita For String Orchestra


5 movements. Lyrical, dramatic use of silences. Very accessible. 11 minutes


OR 105 - $20.95 (score) Parts available on rental basis


Let Peace Be Free


Very colorful, quite, dramatic. 12 minute work for full orchestra. 2 fl. (picc., alto., bass), 2 ob., (e. hn.), 2 Bb., cl. (Eb, Bass), 2 bsn. (cntr.) 4 f.h.., 2 Bb. tpt., 4 trb. (bass), BBb., tba., el., git., timp., 4 perc., harp, 2 kybds (el. pno., ac., pno., clavinet, cel.), string section. 1 Fender bass. 5 movements.


OR 104 - $28.75 (score) Parts available on rental basis


Grand Slam


Dedicated to the memory of Jackie Robinson. Lyrical and very accessible. Scored for small orchestra (fl., ob., cl., bsn., fhn., pno., perc., strings) 5 minutes.


OR 102 - $23.00 (score) Parts available on rental basis


Rambunctious Serenade


Very accessible, colorful, lyrical and dramatic. Has some antiphonal passages between timpani and acoustic piano. 3 minutes. Small orchestra (fl., cl., tpt., trb. , perc., el. kybds., acoustic pno., strings).


OR 103 - $23.00 (score) Parts available on rental basis


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