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                                FLUTE WORKS





Composed in 1980, and dedicated to the German flautist Eberhardt Blum, this challenging atonal piece, utilizes growls and flutter tonguing. The six (6) minute work was recorded by Danilo Lozano on the CD "Urban Classical - The Music of Ed Bland" - Cambria Recordings #1026 and on National Institute of Fine Arts SERIE INBA-SACM Mexico City, D.F. Mexico


S 101 - $9.20


ROMANTIC SYNERGY - Flute Soloist with small orchestra (2 players for percussion instruments, electric keyboard instruments, string section)

Lyrical, highly accessible, athletic, colorful romp. Solo flute part challenging - 12 minutes


OR101 - $34.95 (score) - Orchestral parts available on rental basis.


FOR FLUTE #2 - Funny and Jazzy for all of its 3 electrifying minutes. For advanced players


S 106 - $7.95


FOR FLUTE #3 - Whimsical humor carries this technically challenging work for all of its 3 minutes.


S 106 - $7.95


ONE ON ONE/FLUTE-HARP DUET - Colorful timbres. Good for encores. Jazzy - 4 minutes


D 129 - $12.95


ADRION'S SONG (Woodwind Quintet #2) - This 5 movement composition is very lyrical, lively and colorful. It employs a cyclical treatment of themes - 10 minutes


QI 101 - $18.75 (score) - Parts available on rental basis


WOODWIND QUINTET #1 (The Jazz Quintet) - Commissioned by the Quintet of the Americas, this 3 movement, 10 minute composition, swings and is very colorful in its use of timbres. Highly polyphonic and rhythmically complex, is driven by a cyclical treatment of material.


QI 102 - $19.00


ONE ON ONE/FLUTE BASSOON DUET - Humorous work with jazzy rhythms. For advanced players - 4 minutes


D110 - $12.95


ONE ON ONE/FLUTE-BASS CLARINET DUET - Highly contrapuntal, jazzy, rhythmically

challenging - 4 minutes


D120 - $12.95


ONE ON ONE/FLUTE-MARIMBA DUET - Polyphonically complex. Challenging rhythmically. Good for advanced players - 4 minutes


D126 - $12.95



Rhythmically and polyphonically complex. Colorful.4 minutes


D128 - $12.95


ONE ON ONE/FLUTE - CD DUET - Rhythmically interesting. Swings. Virtual Percussion Ensemble tape replete with colorful timbres that both blend and contrast with the flute. 4 minutes


D127 - $14.95 (price includes tape)



Percussion Ensemble on CD This electro/acoustical composition swings and has many World music touches. The audience will walk away humming the theme. Melodic and very accessible. 9 minutes


EA102-2 - $20.95 (price includes CD)


DANCING THROUGH THE WALLS - FLUTE/CD DUET - Dance studios for Solo flute and Virtual Percussion Ensemble CD. 13 studies - 51 minutes


EA101 - $32.95 Released on Delos International records.



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