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Duets for Flute/Electric Guitar, Oboe/Electric Guitar, Clarinet/Electric Guitar, Clarinet/Harp, Flute/Harp, Oboe/Harp.



One On One/Clarinet-Electric Guitar Duet


Fresh sounds and colors. Jazzy. Rhythmically and polyphonically challenging. 4 minutes.


Q 114 - $12.95


One On One/Flute-Harp Duet


Colorful timbres. Good for encores. Jazzy. 4 minutes.


D129 - $12.95


One On One/Oboe-Harp Duet


This unusual combination results in unique timbres. Full of complex rhythmic and contrapuntal passages. 4 minutes.


D 124 - $12.95


One On One/Flute-Electric Guitar Duet


Fresh timbres. Rhythmically and polyphonically complex. Colorful. 4 minutes.


D128 - $12.95


One On One/Oboe-Electric Guitar


Unusual pairing. Humorous. Timbrally rich and fresh. 4 minutes.


D125 - $12.95


One On One/Clarinet-Harp Duet


Unique timbral combinations in this work full of polyphonic and rhythmic complexity. 4 minutes.


D112 - $12.95


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