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                                      BRASS WORKS




Music for Solo Trumpet. Trombone Duet. Trumpet/Trombone Duet. Trombone/Tuba Duet. Tuba Duet. Music for Brass Quintet.




One On One/Tuba Duet


Unique addition to the Tuba repertoire. Jazzy. Humorous. 4 minutes.


D 142 - $12.95



Brass Quintet


3 movements. It swings and is a very challenging 15 minute work. Recorded by The American Brass Quintet on the CD Urban Classical - The Music of Ed Bland on Cambria Master Recordings #1026.


QI 104 - $33.95 (score). Parts available on rental basis.



For Trumpet


Very useful for advanced players. A show stopper. 3 minutes.


S 110  - $7.95



One On One/Trombone Duet


Good for advanced players. Humorous. Polyphonic. Complex rhythmic passages. 4 minutes.


D139 - $12.95



One On One/Trumpet-Trombone Duet


Very contrapuntal. Jazzy. Lots of imitation. Humorous.


D140 - $12.95



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