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            Articles and Books Written by and About Ed Bland


  John Szwed ¡°Space is the place¡± Pantheon 1997, pages 161-63,

     181,183,191,203,218. (Book on Sun Ra with the inclusion of Bland¡¯s several

      encounters with him).


 Kenneth Tynan London Observer ca. Feb.1960. (concerning THE CRY OF



 ► Waxpoetics, issue #21-Feb/Mar. 2007 pages 80-86, also some mentions

     in pages 70-80. Follow this link to read the article titled, In Time



Stop Smiling issue #34, page 114 (answers to questions about THE CRY OF

    JAZZ) (www.joshbabyar@stopsmilingonline.com)



Bill Stamets, Chicago Sun Times Sunday Jan 12,1997, in the People section.

    About three or four columns wide.



Alexander Poinsett wrote an article in Hue magazine (Johnson Publications)

    a precursor to Jet magazine, on the making of the film somewhere between

   1957-60. Included pictures of the four producers and several production stills.



In the May-June, 1969 issue of  The Museum of Modern Art, New York,

    an article, titled "Jazz In The Garden" appeared. On the following page is an

    actual copy of this article. Click here to read it.



The following pages contain the brochure from the CD Dancing Through The

    Walls. Click here to view the CD cover and read Ed Bland's perspective.



The brochure and notes from the CD, Urban Classical The Music of Ed Bland,

    are on the following pages. Click here to view.



On November 28, 2007 an article, titled Ed Bland & Panzant Bros appeared on

    the In Dangerous Rhythm blog. Click here to read it.

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