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The Current and Recent Activities of Ed Bland


Beyonce acquired a license from Bland in late 2007, to sample his ¡°Skunk Juice¡± for

    her recording ¡°Creole¡± on Sony Records. ¡°Skunk Juice¡± was written in 1967,

    performed by the Pazant Brothers and released on RCA Records the same year.


Atari Video Games acquired a license from Bland in late 2007, to sample his

   ¡°A Gritty Nitty¡± for use in their video game, TEST DRIVE UNLIMITED.

   ¡°A Gritty Nitty¡± was written in 1969, performed by the Pazant Brothers and released

    by GWP Records the same year.


Oxford University Press released its five volume anthology ¡°Piano Music of the

    African Diaspora¡± in May and October of 2008. Volume three contains Bland¡¯s

   ¡°Cell Fone Blues.¡± Volume five contains Bland¡¯s, ¡°Zone Blue.¡±


The Pazant Brothers and the Dapkings recorded Bland¡¯s  funk piece ¡±Slam Dunk¡±

    in May 2008, for Daptone Records. The artists will record the flip side of  ¡°Slam

    Dunk,¡± ¡°Skunk Holler Blues¡± another Bland composition in October 2008.


Bland completed his 51 minute Dance Suite for Virtual Percussion Ensemble,

    with the working title ¡°Penderecki Funk.¡± In June 2008.


Bassoonist Lecolion Washington on his CD ¡°Legacy¡± Troy 1038 recorded three

    of Ed Bland¡¯s compositions:

- One On One Bassoon/Clarinet Duet

-  For Bassoon

- One On One Bassoon/Virtual Percussion Duet


    The CD was released August 1, 2008.


Judith Olson, pianist of New York City, currently preparing to record eleven

   of Bland's " Urban Counterpoint¡± piano works, for Cambria Master     Recordings,    in late 2013, early 2014.


Currently working on a piece for Piano and Virtual Percussion Ensemble

    approximately 15 minutes duration.



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